Neverending November (2018) Screenshots



looks very very nice. where did you find the backgrounds if you dont mind?


@dglt - is your friend :wink:


they go on forever, so much incredible stuff. is that yours?
the fact i think it must be digital but keep looking closer and closer because it looks like actual paintings so much so im not sure. im not usually all that interested in art, digital or otherwise but this stuff has me drawn in! :exploding_head:


Unfortunately I’m not that talented but I like his paintings a lot. :slight_smile:


i poured a bit of Latte on my nano-slim KDE panel (bottom)

you guys have awesome setups, i hope mine is up to the standards


:+1: for the post-it note! :rofl:


What kind of player?


That’s Audacious with a WinAmp skin called beaveramp.


i use kde on other laptop…
this one was running purely window managers, then tried xfce and now gnome ! so far so good as i did not opt for any extensions or add ons


If you like post-it notes, I’ve a post-it note GTK theme kicking around here somewhere, and can prolly find the link if need be.


Hi Javarod. It’s not the post-it I like, it’s the South Park “underpants gnome” business model reference on it that made me laugh.


wallpaper :smiley:
“I told you to stay away from windows.”



Could you please post that wallpaper? :grin:



Can you please share the wallpaper?


Its in manjaro’s gnome wallpaper pack :smiley:


Now that looks incredible. :heart_eyes:


By member @ant.

He has an opendesktop account for his images, under “Antechdesigns” .


Really? That Image is Exclusive to opendesktop and should only be downloadable from opendesktop!!
Can you please remove the image and link to the source:

Can an admin contact me please, this image should not be in any wallpaper pack!!