Neverending November (2018) Screenshots



Here comes my screenshot :slight_smile:

Not to many distractions :sweat_smile:


While we’re waiting for the waitress, here’s my xfce laptop. All panels hidden.


Ahh, here she is now with our beer!


I really love how ilya draws tbh.


Still playing with polybar. Might be a bit too much bloat right now… Oh and green is still the best color.

Dreaming December (2018) Screenshots

Excellent as always.



@Lunix Thank you for the wallpaper :wink:



testing gnome after a long long time… conky credit to one of post by @unix121 on conky thread.


Deleted my old post due to improvement


Nice wallpaper


That’s great man!

I can see that Manjaro Gnome has changed a lot since the last time that I tested it, even though I’m kinda “stuck” with KDE, I feel like making a change :stuck_out_tongue:


Update on my awesome config: Just wallpaper changes



Winter mood


2018: A Desktop-Space Odyssey

The wallpaper is a Lunix creation. I had to adjust it a bit to fit my screen and maintain depth.


@Lunix is a great artist :slight_smile:


Classic and clean desktop. Installed using Manjaro-Architect. Yes I know… It looks like an older version of windows but I like that style :smile:


Xfce with kitties.

Manjaro XFCE 18 - HiDPI support

Sorry for yet another post but just updated some stuff thanks to @Piotr and his scripts using psutils to show all the informations on tint2.

Clean with rofi:

Fake busy with tiling and gaps: