Neverending November (2018) Screenshots



Bookmarking to download when I went back to my computer!!
Also, amazing work what you have!


Hello. New to Manjaro and Arch. I installed Manjaro xfce on my laptop a couple of months ago, and yesterday I finally had time to install it on my desktop.


what icon theme are u using ?




yeah. I want too


Ah, November new month brings new ideas, decided to give ArchLabs a try! Sorry guys :wink:
This is my openbox setup with personalized polybar and jgmenu…


After @MindWanderer was so friendly to provide me with his conky, I played around a bit and that’s the current result of it:


Technically it was not entirely my Conky; I used what I found online and played with it. But it looks cool.


Can I have a link to the wallpaper :smiley:


Looks good. I’m a simple man, I see ArchLabs, I click like.


:+1: Yes,I know what you mean.


@klorax Aww don’t be sad! :confused:


Sure, I uploaded it here.



Re-installed Manjaro (just for fun to try 18), and also changed a few things. I’m using the KDE Adapta Breath package as theme (I know, it is not maintained anymore, but just like it).


Promotion :wink:

Updating Manjaro i3 and keep the GUI and theme

i3 Community Edition, Chromium Manjaro theme, with Humble New Tab page, one terminal with irrsi and another with a simple bash monitor script.


Xfce, Vertex-Maia, conky. Wallpaper thx to @muser.


Not much changed, just switched to Vivaldi as my default browser.


Looks like i’ve finally done :slight_smile:
Bright wallpaper, some changes on tint2 and awesome scripts & executors by @Piotr

EDIT: almost forgot about it - openbox menu is modified version of ArchLabs default :wink: