Neverending November (2018) Screenshots



Hello, November is here and so a new desktop screenshot thread too.

Current wallpaper featuring Shalltear from Overlord!


Why not?


Not November yet for us Americans xD here’s my KDE desktop. Normally I used to use i3 but recently I’ve started really liking it. Sort of a WIP. btw ik this is really basic


Images from my Mate installation on my rejuvenated Mac book Pro:


I like it! Just remember you can lock the widgets @neonr4in :wink:


November :cowboy_hat_face:

Back to normal after Halloween.



Forever Gnome :wink:



I am very proud of my KDE desktop, it’s just the way I like it for now :slight_smile:


Dolphin with Latte.

Clean desktop with Conky

Several smaller windows, all with transparency and blur.

Didn’t change much this month, as I seldom change something, because: why change a winning team?


Nothing too fancy. Manjaro KDE Plasma 4 life. :grin:


Where I can find your wallpaper @jeyhunn?


It’s a wallpaper by @Lunix.


Xfce, Vertex-Maia Dark with Breeze Dark icons. A bit boring, but the way I like it.



So many beautiful desktop setups here :slight_smile:
Mine is a bit basic–but I like it. I think it’s pretty and easy on the eyes.


So! here’s my november desktop on my computer… With an amazing background from @bogdancovaciu (hopes don’t mind to use it!)


I should make available that background without the copyright … That was a time when i was ready to make a book with a canadian editor, so all i posted had to be watermarked. Let me put that file somewhere and share it :slight_smile: … I’ll edit this post soon.

Edit: A couple of older drawings as wallpapers are here: