Neutral Manjaro Wallpaper


Hello everyone,
I love transparent terminals and made a quick wallpaper so that I have plenty of space to place Konsole where ever I need it without making the terminal text output hard to read. Most wallpaper images are never seen once a browser or file manager is open which is why I just chose a simple logo in the center.

If you have use for something simple then help yourself. :slight_smile:

Now I just need to figure out how to attach it???


Where’s the image?


good question. I was hoping to see some kind of “attach” button but …


This is a smart forum, you can just drag and drop or copy and paste the image in the editor.


Yes, but the problem is that I am not (smart). :slight_smile:


this is a variation to help me memorize the most important pacman commands but the above one will be better once I do.


What DE you use? Cinnamon, Gnome , KDE, Deepin, i3wm?


I use KDE because it works best for my monitors.




or search in www :wink:

I do not use KDE :smiley:

Ahhhh, ok, it is the place to share :slight_smile:


I hope that I didn’t post this in the wrong section. I only meant to share it with others if someone is looking for something simple. I’ve already assigned them to my monitors.



Very nice. Too bad that I didn’t see it before. :slight_smile:


I also don’t know them all, there are just too many wallpapers :smiley: in this forum and in the world :rofl:


Another day, another creation :wink:


OK, last one.


A little tweak …


I like this one ! :slight_smile:



Thanks! I just downloaded it today to use with my new phone and saw your reply.
Not bad for a straight blender render with no retouching.