Networks Icon disappears from the System Tray

As you can see from the above image the network Icon at the right side of the battery icon is missing. This happens when I am on airplane mode for sometime. Does not happen when connections are active though.

Please point me to the correct category if this is not the right place.

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 3558
DE: KDE Plasma 5.15.

Now honestly, do those updates that are pending first. A couple of things to read and keep in mind:

Breath theme and airplain mode might have an issue, did you try to switch to Breeze and see if it is the same?

I am already on the breeze theme. And those updates are actually just 4 other applications. I will take a look into the wiki you just mentioned.

I just looked into the post, could not find anything related to my issue there

My link was related to updates, it was not possible to know if you had only 4 packages for updates or more ...
Since you have your system updated then we can look elsewhere for your issue.
Does the network icon becomes visible when you exit the airplane mode? Do you use LAN and WIFI together? Turning one of them on and off makes a difference? Logging on and off makes a difference even if both are active?

right click the show hidden icons ^ on the panel. open system tray settings. click on entries and change Networks from Auto to Shown. Then click Apply and then close the settings dialogue

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Yes Network Icon becomes visible once I leave the airplane mode.
No I do not use LAN and WIFI together.
If I log out and log back in, the network icon appears again.

As you mentioned only the airplane symbol has some issue

I did as you suggested. Would report back what happens.

it may not make any difference if the theme is broken, however on my notebook when airplane mode is active I see a network icon with a :no_entry_sign: overlaid using either breeze or breath

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