NetworkManager not showing field to enter HOTP token


I just wanted to connect to my employers network via OpenConnect (company’s using Cisco AnyConnect). The first part works well, I get a token sent, but on the second screen I don’t see a field where to enter the HOTP token.

Screenshots for better illustration:
Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-05-02 08-00-35
Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-05-02 08-00-44

Don’t know where the error may rely on, however, I also tried to install the OpenConnect gui, but the installation fails due to a problem in the build.

I already reinstalled metworkmanager and networkmanager-openconnect without any effect.

Any hints?

Regards, Thomas

Hello @mosesontheweb :wink:

What GUI are you using here? Just looked it up at VM running KDE:

Should be same on every DE.


actually the GUIs are not the same. I’ll provide a picture when I switched computer (I’m on my Mac right now).
I know that it used to work already but haven’t used it for a while now. This time I was surprised that the second field was not offered, so I do not have any change to enter the SMS based token. :frowning:

Regards, Thomas