Networkmanager-l2tp howto or guide?

I just want to get a very basic, EAP/PSK L2TP VPN going.

This used to be a no-brainer with networkmanager-l2tp, but now Manjaro can’t seem to get networkmanager-l2tp from the Community repo? Is there a reason that networkmanager-l2tp hasn’t made it from the Arch Community repo (where it is still current: Arch Linux - networkmanager-l2tp 1.8.6-4 (x86_64)) to Manjaro’s community repo?

Is there something I am missing?

All the Arch guides send me to edit config files.

Surely in 2021 getting an L2TP VPN client running is easy?

Same problem.

For reference:

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I just pushed it to testing and stable.

Thankyou! Installing with the following command works:

pamac install networkmanager-l2tp libreswan

The only issue is the change in DB location for ipsec (as per Re: [Swan] Issue with networkmanager and l2tp)

sudo mkdir /var/lib/ipsec
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ipsec/nss
sudo initnss

should resolve the issue.