NetworkManager cannot connect to any network

Hi everyone.

My laptop (IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T410) has suddenly stopped connecting to any wifi network from Manjaro. I have tried installing and running different kernels and none of them work.

I was able to connect to networks by using wpa_supplicant manually, but not NetworkManager and nm-applet. However, with cable works well.

The same laptop running Windows works well and I also installed a fresh new Manjaro on a Dell XPS M1330 and I am having the same issue. I have other laptops running the latest Arch that work well. The problem seems to be restricted to Manjaro only on two different devices.

Can you please help me troubleshoot this? I had a look at journalctl for the NM unit and I couldn’t see any particular error, but I can share the logs for both laptops.

Thank you.

check this post:

Thank you brahma, that looked incredibly similar to my issue (my router also has mixed mode), but I went ahead and tried pamac install iwd networkmanager-iwd-overlay and pamac delete wpa_supplicant with a restart and I get the same issue.

try installing the wpa supplicant again, reboot and check

I tried to reinstall wpa_supplicant, didn’t help. Also, it has been installed, but looks like networkmanager-iwd-overlay is not the repository anymore