Network traffic when using Keepass (mono)

I recently noticed when you use Keepass (or use Keepass.exe portable + mono manually; it doesn’t matter) every action like clicking or typing will result in some network traffic being shown on the KDE “network speed” widget.
There is no traffic if you don’t type or click. (Also no traffic at all with KeepassXC).
Strangely when using nethogs or wireshark no/no relevant traffic is shown.

Is this a problem with the KDE widget or normal behavior from mono?

Maybe it is just “local traffic” where one process is communicating to another one via network (localhost only). Maybe that stuff is also shown in the KDE widget? (not sure how that widget works though, not a KDE user) Do you have to specify the network interface in the widget? Or is it like “All” or something?

Well the old version displayed ‘eno1’ for example but the new ones are completely broken anyways and it only says received data rate, so I guess it’s all. But your assumption seems pretty plausible, because the traffic was shown as only ‘Down’ but when expanding to widget the the up/down speed was exactally the exact same.
(Widget when interacting with Keepass window)

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I discovered this Loopback category in wireshark.
So yes, interacting with the Keepass window generates a lot of local traffic from to

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