Network that's connected through Wifi requires me to login frequently

Hey, I’m having a problem with my dorm network WiFi.
When I connect to it, after logging into the network with my Username and Password, It requires me to login frequently with random intervals between each login; sometimes 10mins, sometimes 5mins, etc. which is abnormal.
The normal behavior is logging in just once a day.
This is what other people here do and even I myself have this kind of behavior on my Windows and Android devices (logging in just once a day).

What I tried and didn’t help thus far:

  • Forgetting the network and Connecting to it again
  • Trying another account.
  • Resetting the network settings to its default.
  • Trying another Wifi card.
  • Connect + Login and then using the same network on the latest version of Live on-bootable-usb Manjaro.
  • Calling IT support of my university. They say, It’s just you that having this problem, nobody else reported such a thing.
  • Restarting NetworkManager daemon using sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager and then sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.

What I’m guessing is, Whatever the problem is, it’s something OS related.
Thanks, regards.

Take your kit to another WiFi service location, such as a coffee shop. If you still have the problem, then I would agree with your uni IT that the problem is in your kit. If you don’t have the problem at other locations, good luck getting the uni IT staff to give you support for their problem.