Network Manager won't start

Watched movie, wifi disconnects once every 20 mins.
I updated kernel to 6.1 from 5.10.
After reboot, NetworkManager won’t start, thus no WiFi, or Wired at all.

And then via live USB, I upgraded system (pacman -Syu).
And, then, issue still persist.

Logs show nothing, just say, error exit code exit-code.
In dmesg , shows nothing, even before upgrading kernel, to see what causes disconnect, logs say nothing, just that it’s reconnecting, and trying, multiple times (timeout… )

Same logs, say those stuff, when I try to start Network Manager, via systemctl, → error exit code exit-code.

So, it literally just doesn’t work, with no way finding in logs what is cause of this.

I’m on xfce.

nmcli nmtui, doesnt work, can’t connect to Wired, or WiFi, nothing.

I dual boot, so Windows worked fine, until it didn’t. After live USB upgrade, it just won’t detect Windows partition.

Did kernel messed up my laptop now ?
It was LTS, from Manjaro, using GUI tool.