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The network manager wifi problem is so annoying; it keeps me away from using Manjaro although I would certainly use and support this os.
I gave Manjaro a second chance, but I am about to quit now, because I do not want to waste my time anymore.

Here is my claim:

I installed the current release “manjaro-xfce-17.1.10-stable-x86_64.iso”.

As I was warned before, I checked the wifi connection before installation whilst running the live usb. It DID work fine !

However, after installing wifi was gone again, disabled and never recovered. Same ol’ story…

As there was a software update DURING the installation process - which I could not control - it might be a version problem of the network manager.

On the other hand, all the official answers I read about this problem say “version issue”, “downgrade” or “upgrade”. I am just sick of these statements.

C’mon guys, get this problem fixed eventually unless you do not really want to take off with your os.

inxi -Fxzc0


The installation proccess does NOT update from what is on the ISO unless using architect. Calamares installs using the compressed file system overlays on the ISO that are used to boot it, minus the live overlay of course. You should never perform an update in the live session and not expect issues.

Have you tried replacing openresolv with systemd-resolvconf yet?
It was in the update announcements.


Also note that the network group is no longer used on systemd based systems, this group is sometimes still used by network manager ONLY if a special rule is added to polkit:

This rule does not exist on Manjaro since we use in some cases option 1 and in others option 2.
I’d recomend removing all groups from your user profile that are considered to be pre-systemd, and/or unused, as these just redundant and prety much useless.


Network Manager has only a single problem? That would be amazing if true. :wink:

Which is it? Do you want your problem fixing, or are you not really all that bothered about it?

All I read from your post is that some hardware doesn’t work and, given it works in the live environment, it’s fixable. Probably trivially.


hwinfo --wlan


Moved to #general-discussion:rants-and-raves as OP created an account specifically for this thread, and it falls into the “I’d use your distro if only you fixed this issue which only I have” category.



Spoken like a true Linux-lover. :smiley:


I almost had to quote it so I could like it again too :laughing:
Still prefer it to the alternatives.
Wanna guess how often I need to restart machines at work, simply because the windoze equivalent decided ‘no, not this time … try again’ ? :cry:


Facing the same exact issue. Had wifi with live session of xfce and then post install…i do not see any trace if the adapter being active.

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