Network Manager Overiding VPN. And running a connection behind?

Dear All,
I found that network Manager has a potential privacy issue.
With Open VPN active and running, it will run like a second parallel connection, not encrypted, when pingging Archlinux website.
This can be easily seen using a simple Wireshark capture.
I uploaded a video on YT, id is FbMuNnCkx2o
(sorry, links are disallow here)


Please report it in the appropriate place if you think this is a problem. In my opinion, it makes sense that the connectivity check bypasses the VPN, you can turn it off if you want.

Yes this was discussed a few weeks ago, although the vpn part wasn’t discussed.

I replaced the uri line with enabled=false, this should fix it?

Yes or leave the uri blank like


Hi, yes, we can turn it off
But is it normal that it bypasses the user settings ? for me, it should not, or it should be explicitly announced and explained (which is not)
I am sorry, I am new here,.
Can you please advise if I should report as a pb or not ?
Thanks in advance !

or you can comment the line uri = … in 20-connectivity.conf.
Thanks !

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