Network Manager Bug - strange foreign Primary DNS Server Infos in System Tray

About 14 days ago tux4Wuff published strange findings in the Widget of the Network Manager
on the KDE-Manjaro System Tray.

I have a similiar issue: Primary IPv4 Nameservers are displayed changing after every reboot
instead of my local DNS-Resolver IP. Similiar to the report of tux4Wuff „ cat /etc/resolv.conf“ shows the right IP of my local DNS-Resolver.

According to tux4Wuff this should be a bug in the Network Manager hopefully solved by a fix soon he added pointing to this link:
But I can’t find this issue 2017 listed !

So I would like to ask the Manjaro Team:
Should I be worried about it, meaning unwanted connections may pass by my local DNS-Resolver and may use external resolvers instead of the local one?
Is this a known bug in the Network Manager and if,is it on the way to be fixed

Thanks in advance for more details.

This bug has already been discussed:

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