Network Manager and Broadcast


I am using Manjaro on XFCE and what i notice is the network manager is in default broadcast mode I have tried to turn it off. now my sudo password is not working your OS is setting people up in the worst way.

There is now a user called Nobody. Is linux just for scams or is it for actual work.

Without you telling us what you did, we can’t even begin to guess on the cause of your problems.

That user has always existed in UNIX operating systems from the beginning. It’s a system account and it exists for a reason, such as when files become un-owned because the user account that owned them earlier is deleted from the system. The nobody user cannot log in and has no password.

It’s easy to judge what you do not know and do not understand. And having a Microsoft Windows mindset isn’t going to get you anywhere, because Microsoft Windows is the one operating system that has never behaved normally and has for decades refused to abide by internationally agreed-upon standards.