Network Manager 1.12 Random disconections?


systemd-resolvconf is now used with nm 1.12.


Thank you everyone for resolving this weird problem :slight_smile:

Really it was driving me crazy , I have installed Manjaro in a VM and a second laptop and no problems at all but it was happening on my main pc, glad it was solved!

Thanks again


Nice work pro troubleshooter.


Thank you Sherlock, now go and solve my plasma notification problems in the other post :stuck_out_tongue:
Plasma notifications Messed Up?
(I have reported it in KDE bug trucker as well)

@tbg Just one question about the solution you are saying to replace openresolv with systemd-resolvconf?
I could do this manually and how? or is something only philm/system updates could do?

About troubleshooting I am working in the IT Industry doing support, consultation, dealing with chemi labs,analyzers etc so everyday is like nightmare here :stuck_out_tongue:
I understand that each problem differs from each other and it requires a different troubleshooting approach but sometimes is very hard to find the culprit.

cheers :slight_smile:


Sorry for giving you the gears, but I try to help people as best as I can on the forum. Sometimes I leave a silly comment or two along the way, because I just cant help myself.

I’ll go back and look at your other post again, but those sunspots do tend to wreak havoc. :smile: