Network is delayed across all machines due to router

The previous thread this is closed but I still have a network problem.

Today, suddenly the network on Manjaro slowed down. I have 3 machines: 1 Desktop, 2 Laptops. All of these machines have same problems. So I guess it is not a driver issue.

When I connect to a cellular hotspot, it works fine. But It might be not a router issue. The same network under the router, Other OS are working fine: iOS, macOS, Windows 10.
Windows 10 is even same machine on the desktop.

I thought it is Manjaro issue because all of the machine that has problem are installed Manjaro. So I removed Manjaro and installed Arch Linux, but there is same problem. Live boot mode was fine, but installed Arch has same problem.
I already tried both NetworkManager and dhcpcd but not helped.

Sorry for my poor and ugly English. But anyone can help?

It was my router’s problem. I have two routers and both of them was problem. Factory reset for both router solved problem…

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Your issue is most likely caused by a local configuration issue.

Network issues are inherently difficult to troubleshoot from a forum perspective - as there is many places it can go haywire.

I have been running Manjaro for years on a high number of different systems and there is only rarely issues with any parts of my system.

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