Network Card missing from lspci after DisplayLink driver installation

Hello! I recently had some issues getting my Wifi working on my XPS15, ultimately sorting the issue using the approach here:

After implementing the memmap kernel cmdline entry, everything was working nominally.

I then added the displaylink driver(and evdi dependency) for my Dell 3100 dock as described here:

I had to install linux kernel headers, but upon reboot I was able to use the dock successfully with multiple monitors. However, my wifi card has completely quit working- not only is it not working, but it doesn’t even show up via lspci:

My dmesg doesn’t appear to have anything I recognize as issues with the hardware:

Here is the inxi output I’ve seen requested from people who ask for support:

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide that may be useful for troubleshooting. I tried the most recent kernel in Manjaro settings, but this didn’t sort things. I’m able to use wired internet via the USB dock in the meantime, but our wired network is via powerline adapter and much slower/less reliable than our wifi.

Thank you so much in advance!