Network Adapter Shows WiFi Networks But Does Not Connect

Hello! Could someone help me find a driver of my network adapter? I’m using a Tenda U3 (I’m not sure where to find the exact model). It shows the WiFi networks but when I try to connect to any of them, it does not connect. Thank you!

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

The driver can be found in AUR, package rtl8192eu

You can install it with pamac, after enabling AUR support in settings, or with yay or trizen, after installing one of these packages. For example: trizen -S rtl8192eu


thank you very much!

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hello, I tried installing the driver in AUR , the driver did install but I still can’t connect to any Wi-Fi networks.

What happens when you try? Does it ask the password?

EDIT: also, what desktop environment are you using?

Yes, it asks the password. I’m using xfce.