Network access to external drive.

I can access all other PC's and external drives from Manjaro. Copy files across, etc. So that's great. However, I'm unable to see the Manjaro PC as part of my network on my MAC's.
What would be the best way to setup access / map a path to my external drive on the Manjaro PC. /mnt/MediaD

Do you mean Apple HW?
If so, your question is about Apple OS.

There is no best way.

There is however the *nix way and the Microsoft way.

  • nfs
  • samba

As Mac is *nix one way would be to enable an nfs service on your Manjaro and share the /mnt/MediaD path.

The nfs solution is also relatively simple in comparison with samba and your macOS should have no issues connecting to the share.

Read the instructive explanation on

Unreal, Thank you for the advice.

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