Nemo not showing any picture or video thumbnail preview in selection screen

Hi, i had to reinstall my manjaro gnome, but i’m facing a trouble with nemo right now.

I found back in a day a solution to see preview of picture at least and even video i think in selection screen like in in “Files” (Nautilus?). But right now it’s working well in “Files”(Nautilus) but not at all in nemo and i don’t remember where i got the info on how to making it working.

The first picture show a preview on “Files”(Nautilus) and it’s working (the picture is at the bottom right):

And this is what i got with nemo and there is literally nothing:

sudo pacman -S ffmpegthumbnailer

Thanks but it was for the file chooser who was handle by GTK, nemo and “nautilus” don’t use the same version of gtk i suppose so i installed “gtk3-patched-filechooser-icon-view” on aur and now i have something working with a preview before picking a file the next step is to learn to my firefox how to use it.

IDK, for me that thumbnailer works just fine for the purpose you asked about. It only doesn’t support webp which sucks but I can live with that.