Nemo in XFCE very slow and unresponsive (4.0.3)


I prefer to use Nemo in XFCE but the latest updates has made it very sluggish and sometime not responsive. Sometime it won’t even display the content of a folder. Thunar has no issue though.

The problem has been experience on three computers. I think it start with the late version, 4.0.3, not sure.

I have check cpu load and browsing in Nemo cause spike up to 46% (6x4.0GHZ cpu). Thunar barely register 3% at most.


Is like a freshwater fish in salty water, or a saltywater fish in freshwater … Nemo depends on Cinammon Desktop and some particular settings/configs/etc that are only available in Cinammon Session. Since Nemo si a Nautilus fork, maybe Nautilus will play nicer in XFCE, even tho … i wouldn’t count on that much.


What kind of answer is that ?
It is fully functional and work just fine in Xfce. Only that sluggishness which wasn’t present in previous versions. I don’t think there are any new “settings” which can cause that.


Was off point, improper or misunderstood ? :slight_smile:

Cinnamon 4.0.3 came to stable branch, from 4.0.1 version, in 2018-12-02. That means quite a lot of changes including to Nemo, and as i explained, Nemo depends on Cinammon Desktop (Session).
With that said, i’ll step out from this conversation.


Linux allows you to use whatever packages you like, but there may be very few other Manjaro forum visitors using the same combination of packages to help you work on this

What exactly is it about Nemo that you need it for rather than Thunar?
I use Thunar but do not recall when i last tried Cinnamon and Nemo so have no idea what features are different


It is not that I cannot use Thunar but Nemo is a more advance FM

Nemo additional features :

  • the adding of “favorites” in the left pane
  • usefull set of actions icons on the upper right bar (toolbar) like quick folders presentation, new folder, search etc
  • left toolbar - reload - workspace icons
  • preferences options are more advance ; double-click -> renaming, double-click -> upper folder etc
  • nicer design and more advanced

According to of the best Linux file manager (rating - 2018)

First place : Dolphin (92) (which I agree totally having use KDE for a long time)
Second place : Nemo (89)

Eight place : Thunar (69)

Linux give you the choice. I am not sure why people think we should settle for Thunar in Xfce. Nemo was working fine before a bunch of updates so if the Manjaro developers can have a look to restore it, that will be nice. My post was just to let them know that it was broken.


The only complaint I have with Nemo::

  • Application crashes on various tasks

I have put in tickets with github as do other people. So, until it becomes a lot more stable, I’ll stick with pcmanfm/spacefm.

Is Thunar (XFCE) right click - create new document menu gone?

Sadly I notice that Thunar is now suffering too from strange temporary hang up. Right clicking in Thunar - “create new document” menu is gone. It will then hang Thunar for a while. There is something going on with files management after recent updates.


Ok solved. See link