Nemo failing to search recursively on SMB shares after most recent update

Found this article on Linux Mint’s github showing it closed, but I don’t think we’ve got the update yet here.

FWIW, after the most recent updates, Nemo no longer properly searches recursively (whether the switch is on or off) on SMB shares. Works fine on local system and perhaps other mounted shares (I don’t have anything else to test against).
Any idea when this might go out in to the updates? I am so used to Nemo, I’m reluctant to switch to “Files” (Nautilus), but at least it works for now.

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The version of nemo in the Stable repository — 5.8.4-1 — is the same as in the Testing and Unstable branches, and Manjaro Unstable corresponds to Arch Stable. So as long as Arch doesn’t have an updated version yet, we won’t have one either. :man_shrugging:

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