Neither Alt + F1 or the Windows/Meta Key opens application launcher

I am using the newest version of Manjaro with KDE. Directly after the installation, neither the meta key or Alt + F1 open the application launcher. When I wan to assign those shortcuts to it (Right Click on Application Launcher → Set up Application Launcher → Shortcuts), they don’t get saved, after I close this window, even after hitting “Apply” and “OK”.
I am using a Razer Blackwidow 2 Keyboard and set the keyboard layout to “Generic 104”

Any help appreciated

Both methods open the application launcher for me following the update on 28/04/2021.

Is this a fresh install or an update? If update, have you restarted since updating? Sometimes you get odd behaviour after updating until you restart Plasma.

Directly after a fresh installation. Had several boots inbetween. The .iso was the latest download, all checksums were allright

I always found this fails after an hour of a fresh install.
So I use ksuperkey and set the menu I want on Super shortcut Alt+F1.
It works.
pamac install ksuperkey

Trust me, I’m a doctor. Mark it SOLVED :wink:

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