Needing reinstall pBp on eMMC, First I need to activate wifi connection, then repair corrupted dependencies due to install of theme on top of other theme

I am having a pinebookpro with Manjaro Linux

I do not remember anymore what happen as it was already for some time back, but I think I have tried to install HP printer (or even installed some other app) and the official driver did not worked, and searched for some workaround and did not realised that It has asked to install a lot of other theme apps. I
I ended up that I am stacked on login screen to GUI, which does not continue further after I put in a user password.

I can put Ctrl +alt F2, (if I understand it correctly it is console mode) and get log into root mode, after putting password. I wished to update the pacman by:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5
sudo pacman -Syyuu

but I do not have network active. I tried nmtui, but it does recognise a wifi network there, but cannot activate it( because it does not shows up in active networks lists)
in first step: I wish to update my network card settings is not connected to wireless, network.
I would like to connect to network in terminal .
Then:I wish to figure out what actually hapend, and repair it. May I get some instructions please?

much easier than nmcli is using:


it’s a simple graphical user interface for use in a terminal/TTY
I do not know whether it is present by default - just try …

nmcli is what you can use

nmcli --help
man nmcli
could help - or ask google for how to use it

If you use the title to describe what you want to do next, you may get some good help :wink:

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