Needing help to login

Hello i have a strnage issue in tty2 i cannot login with thé correct username and thé correct password.
I dont know what’s happening. I need Access to my computer it’s thé onlyncomputer that inhavenfornwork purpose.
Screen seems freezer After copying datas to another folder. I stopped thé opération brutalité with a CTRL + alt + backspace and now im stick with thé login screen of sddm.
Thanks by avance for any help

Welcome back :+1:

Are you using a non-US keyboard?
If so that is why the username and password you type are not recognized as correct…
Try to input your username and password using the en-US keyboard layout locations.

If it is because your account is locked due to too many wrong attempts, i would suggest a reboot, or even if needed rebooting into emergency mode to fix stuff as root.

Without any details of which data you copied to what folder no one can tell you what went wrong…

Hello @TriMoon
No i have succesfully reached tty2.
Now I’m checking what’s problematic in the root folder and subsequently checking what to remove.
I still can alternate the cpupower configuration because it seems to be under power save during startup states. Can also explain why I m freez and not being able to enter x11 session.
I’ll keep you informed.

cpupower in powersave mode only influences the speed at which your CPU(s) operate at, that has nothing todo with your ability to enter your x11 session…
It will at most make stuff react a little slower…

The main problem iwas a wrong manipulation with a folder.
Now the disk is full.
I have to check what is have to be removed to enter session.
I’m checking in command line what has to be removed for a clean session.
Any way to understand what’s causing the freezing state after passing login state in sddm ? :thinking:

I notice that your english is very poor, so i would suggest you to post in your own language with a translation under it using the extension mentioned below, that thread has multiple language sections:

It will make it easier to comunicate for you and understanding for the rest who read what you type…

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Gentle shut down a suddenly hanged PC to minimize a chance of getting a broken filesystem and data loss:

When the disk is really full, a DE has no room to breathe. It can not work!

hey @andreas85 I have deleted gently files unecessary in command line on tty2. Then, I rebooted the computer. (facultative I discovered that the CD DVD player was taking a lot of time to initiate; I unplugged it to save ressources.)
I also modified cpupower governor in /etc/default/cpupower to activate by default the ‘ondemand’ one. I accidentally installed cpupower-gui but I do not hacve SPEEDSTEP on this computer, so, intel_cpufreq is used but not fully functionnal from what I understood.

@TriMoon that was a panic message under influence of auto complete google suggestions on my phone.

No problem check that how-to anyhow, there are many language sections, i just added Italian to it :wink:

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