Needed your guidance regarding how can I contribute to open source manjaro

Hey Jonathon
I have been using Manjaro on and off from like 3 years now

Over these years you have been really helpful to all my noob posts on the forum

I am a final year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering student.
I can use Git and am comfortable with C/C++/JS and some Web frameworks. Not a Pro with any.

Is there any way that I can contribute to Manjaro project?

Could you please give examples of stuff that beginners can fix/contribute to?

Or could you please tell me what path should I take that I will be capable enough to contribute tiny bits and pieces over the upcoming months.

Thanking You in anticipation

I'll make this into a forum thread as there are more people than me who can answer this.

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Me too i can create applications with gui , a nice idea would be to create a software boutique with most popular pieces of software .

donate money

To contribute to Manjaro isn't hard as you may think. We have a lot of projects ongoing. If you want to code applications, please check our issue trackers at our code base. If you have a solution for any of those, you may attach a patch to the given issue for review.

Another way is to see what might need to be improved and you start to add those features on a fork of yours.

Tell us what of the given applications you may be interested in and I try to point you to one of our developers giving you a solid starting point.