Needed Translators for Spanish in Manjaro User Guide?

Greetings, I am making the following topic in query mode to verify if the Spanish translation of the Manjaro User Guide is available, I myself would like to offer myself to be able to collaborate with Manjaro at least in some way.

The user guide has been legacy/abandoned for quite some time.
I dont think it is considered current, and I dont think there are any plans to update it.

circa ~2020 it seems.

I understand I was not aware, since it is still included in the system I thought it was updated.

What ISO was it included with?

Well, the installation I have is from 2021 and I have not changed or altered it, I have it from my base installation. The iso would be from that same year.

It is not included with ISOs now. :wink:
(in fact there is no corresponding package at all in the repos or AUR)

Who knows … maybe one day it will be revived.

(maybe if someone were to fork and continue it…)

As to the original question for spanish translation - I am sure that would be welcome at the time it is needed. But first the documentation needs to be good and current before it can be translated.

Maybe one of the maintainers or team members will have something to add.

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Understood, thanks for the answers.

You could have a look into the wiki. There may be some things who could be translated. :wink:

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Ooh Excellent, are translations free to act or do they have to go through some verification?

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There was a page that explained how to register as a wiki translator and the entire process. Unfortunately I can’t find it right now. :see_no_evil:

Maybe @codesardine can also help.


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