Need version 0.24.1 of bazel but only 0.22 available in the repo


I am new with Manjaro (my first post actually so sorry if I messed up tagging or something) and I am trying to install keras and tensorflow on my PC, but I am getting and error while running bash configure:

You have bazel 0.22.0- (@non-git) installed.

Please upgrade your bazel installation to version 0.24.1 or higher to build TensorFlow!

Unfortunately manjaro only have version 0.22.0 available on AUR. I have downloaded the distro archive from their github, but both using old bazel to build and trying to bootstrap failes failes. Can anyone suggest me some easier way to get bazel up to required version?


Doesn't bazel-git pull right from Github? Why don't you use it?


0.25.0 is in Arch testing:

You can attempt to cherry-pick that package directly from Arch testing, or download the PKGBUILD file and build a package for your system.


Could you elaborate?


Except the package/PKGBUILD isnt very nice and it has no maintainer ..


sudo pacman -U

Thank you very much! Worked like a charm. <3


Great. Remember that this is a bit 'unsupported' ... so keep on eye out but if it works it works.