Need to replace my /home partition (entire hd =/~/home) before imminent failure

Smartctl indicated the possibility of hard drive failure on my /home partition, which is the entire disk.
I have backed up my system and root folder using Timeshift and purchased a new hard drive. What I want to do is mount the new disk as /home and mount and change the name of the old home partition, keeping the contents, so I can later selectively pass some folders to the new home partition. I’m new to Manjaro and I understand that this is a rolling release, so I don’t want to break my system.
Any advise or directions to find my answers will be appreciated.

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Here is a nice tutorial:


Here’s an even better (and more recent) one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorials. I’m happy to say the instructions worked fine.
Thanks and best regards.

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