Need to move files

Why does manjaro only give two options for a download? It’s either archived or save. No options as to where it can be saved. it goes to the downloads folder; so how do I move it to the drive I prefer. Don’t want to use up my /home/main drive. Does that make any more sense? Read lots on moving folders but I just don’t get it. Sorry, wish I had done this years ago.

What are you using to download? Are you talking about from a web browser? Try right-clicking the link and choosing Save As.

No matter what, it’s not Manjaro specific but with the program you’re using.

This doesn’t seem to make sense, but I’ve a few minutes to waste so…

Example 1: qBittorrent handles torrents and saves files to any location(s) you want, and then when finished can move them to other location(s) for storage or seeding as required.

Example 2: if you download something from a browser - different dialogues come up. In Firefox, if I click to download (let’s have a go with this) a ‘Free Download Manager’ then a window will appear…
I see ‘Open With…’ and ‘Save File…’ options - no archive. Different softwares offer different solutions. Manjaro itself doesn’t download unless you use pamac or terminal. Furthermore there will be other complications introduced with different desktops and different software… so very specific descriptions are required for very specific cases.

If I RIGHT click, then there are other context menu options…

With command line, wget just throws the file down to the current directory with no options… unless you specify options.

So clearly Manjaro isn’t giving any options, neither should it seek to interact with everything you wish to do on your computer and offer you options.

The main issue you can complain about is that there are WAY too many options for you to even imagine or understand when downloading, and in the end it’s often better to Keep It Simple.
If you have no ‘save as’ option then you find the file in your current directory, or your Downloads directory, and move it from there.

From Firefox, you can access downloads by clicking the icon which appears in the bar - but you should know where downloads go.

The easiest way to MOVE files is to open Dolphin and drag them across… Have a shortcut spefically for this (e.g. Meta+E opens Dolphin in /Home, but you could make a shortcut to open Dolphin ~/Downloads or Dolphin~/mnt/SSD as you wish specifically to handle downloads, hit F3 to go dual pane and open the destination on the other side.

When using Dolphin, you can also have the terminal open (I think just F4 opens that at the bottom) and then you’re using both GUI and terminal together, so next time maybe you’ll just open a terminal to move the files…

How much more do you need about moving downloads? I’m sure I could write all day.

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I really appreciate all your effort in answering my obscure question. this is somewhat overwhelming with the number of specifics you need to understand before doing basic tasks. My head is swimming trying to absorb all the options. I really do appreciate all the time you invested Ben. I was using Firefox and I can direct my files, as you explained, more simply than before.

Sorry about the lack of relevant information. This is all a new adventure. But you and Ben were as patient and helpful as could be. I now understand what to do. Thanks to both of you.