Need to install Manjaro along with WIndows 10

Hey guys,

First I have questions.

Is Manjaro going to fail if I leave capacity of /boot/efi 100MB?

What would be the best approach to install Manjaro with Windows 10 together, should I install Windows first followed by Manjaro or vice versa? Particularly, how would you partition disk for both OSes?

Currently, I have Windows 10 installed next to Ubuntu 20.04LTS. I tried to install Manjaro overwriting Ubuntu but the installer gave a warning about capacity of /boot/efi I made it as 100 MB as recommendations from a few years ago. I thought of resizing everything using GParted but then I realised it might be just good to wipe everything and start over. I think I need to give a little more capacity for Windows 10 and slightly less for Linux.


No, but the recommended size is about 300 MiB.

Install Windows first, and make sure that…

  • The drive is set to AHCI in the BIOS or UEFI, not to RAID.

  • Secure Boot, Windows Fast Boot and Hybrid Sleep are disabled.

  • You create a separate EFI partition for Manjaro, because updates to Windows tend to mess up the common EFI partition — it shouldn’t, because that’s one of the things EFI was designed for, but MICROS~1 is MICROS~1 and it will always try to monopolize your machine.

Yes, it throws up a warning, but you can ignore that.

as time goes by. as @Aragon already posted, the efi-boot must be a minimum of 300MB nowadays.

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Thanks, particularly for the clue about a separate EFI partition for Manjaro. I wouldn’t think of that.

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hopefully someone can give advice if the efi-boot partition can be extended without harming the whole system. never drove into this issue and i’m not sure if this problem can be fixed without a whole new setup (including a new win-10 install)
fingers-crossed that someone has a solution to this.

There are several posts on the forum how to do it…
Please note the beautiful magnifying glass with the search function. :innocent:

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I’ll just leave this here:


I wouldn’t call resizing ESP very easy, because it usually resides at the beginning of the drive and right after that begins the next partition with some OS…good luck moving everything…not impossible, but not fun. So the option to make another ESP somewhere where you have space like i did might be easier. Just shrink a bit some other partition at the END of it and nothing will be moved. The ESP will be in the middle of the disk but who cares, it works.

Generally, it all depends from what you will do with the ESP. If you decide to install kernels there and mount boot, you will probably need a gigabyte, but i find it extremely stupid idea because of many reasons, so please, just don’t. Otherwise, it mainly depends of what other OSes and recovery tools does your OEM puts there. The GRUB file that Manjaro puts there is about 3 MB in size. You can also mount from a live usb and delete the ubuntu folder that is on the ESP, it contains the same 2-3 MB Grub with another name, so that will solve your space problem, if it really comes down to these 2-3 MB.