Need to Flip Between Compositors to Full-Screen Video on 2nd Monitor

I use a primary 4K monitor and a secondary 1600x900 monitor. Everything works great in Manjaro across the board with the exception of when I full-screen a video, such as YouTube, on my secondary monitor it’s black. If I flip my compositor between OpenGL 2.0 & 3.1, it works fine for a few hours. It works on both of those settings and I can flip between them however I want, but every few hours videos require me to make some sort of change to that setting and hit apply for them to show on my external monitor. They always work on my primary monitor. Is there anyway to either fix or at least diagnose the issue here? I’m using the latest proprietary Nvidia driver. I don’t tend to have this issue with open-source but that causes other more-important issues than the proprietary driver.

i7-7700k, GTX1080, 16GB, driver 455, kernel 5.9.11-3, fully updated Manjaro KDE