Need latest duplicity for b2 storage

I’ve been using duplicity for several years to backup files to the cloud using’s Backblaze’s b2 protocol. On 6/29/2021 it stopped working, returning the following error message:
BackendException: Could not initialize backend: No module named 'b2sdk.download_dest'
I think they changed something in the b2 protocol, which broke duplicity’s b2 capability.

My system is Manjaro Linux 21.0.7, duplicity version is 0.8.19, python-b2sdk version is 1.11.0-1.

Per internet search, it seems this error may be fixed by upgrading to duplicity 0.8.20, which is available on the duplicity website. So, why hasn’t this upgrade been pushed to the Manjaro/Arch repository? Is it just a matter of time, or is there an issue with the update? I am loathe to upgrade outside of the pacman universe for fear of breaking something. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Duplicity 0.8.20 was released June 26th and has not yet been updated in the Arch community repo. it was flagged out of date on July 1st. Once it’s updated, it will come to Manjaro as per usual.


As of 7/17/21, duplicity 0.8.20 is still not in the repository. I decided to go all the way and install duplicity-git from the AUR (after uninstalling duplicity), which gives me 0.8.21.dev6. This version works great with b2. I guess I’ll go back to the main repository when they finally update it, but for now I’m in good shape.