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The project, using the same IR remote to control a stereo receiver and a computer, I was and still am working on involves OSMC, LIRC, Raspberry Pi 3, and Ubuntu. I got everything “kind-of” working on both OSMC and Ubuntu. ie. the remote works, but the system sees multiple key strokes when a key is pressed once. I have perused not only the Arch Wiki, LIRC documentation (including the man pages), OSMC forums, and the internet in general to find a solution without success. The only one the seems to work is to manually sudo systemctl stop lircd_helper@lirc0 after boot. Then the remote works great. Any ideas on what to look at and for would be great. More info can be found here.


I don’t know anything about LIRC, but could you use sudo systemctl disable lircd_helper@lirc0, so it does not start at boot?

Manjaro Community and Documentation can't be beaten

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately it needs to load on boot. It initializes the IR sensor without it, the remote will not work. After the boot sequence is completed, it can be stopped and the remote still works.


You could try to write a systemd service file fore it that stops it ones the system is booted up.


Unfortunately, this did not fix it either. I did manage to fix the issue though, by going with the “nuclear option”. Either I broke the install of LIRC while trouble shooting, or it did not install properly. I just re-installed OSMC on another microSD card, and it worked perfectly. The customer is happy, and I am happy. Now to clone the microSD card 20 times and put them in the Raspberry Pi’s. Thank you for your help.

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