Need help with updating miktex installed through AUR


I’m pretty new to Manjaro and unfortunately I’m stuck with this problem and couldn’t find helpful advice searching online, so I’m hoping someone on here could help.

I installed miktex from AUR (using pamac build miktex) some time ago, and after struggling a bit with the administrator mode it’s been working well. Today it stopped working because it needs an outdated library version and I noticed I had missed to update it.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find out how to update it or how to update (or auto-update) packages installed from AUR. When I try to rerun pamac build miktex I get an error (the output tells me that the error occured in build()).

Is anyone else using miktex or knows how to solve this?

Thank you very much for your help already!

Cheers, zuluq

Hi @zuluq, and welcome!

AFAIK it’s the package maintainer’s baby to keep packages up-to-date, and they’ll update when you update everything else.

You can flag it as out-of–date on its AUR page, if not done so already. But you’ll have to wait for the package maintainer to update the package then.

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Here you go:

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By the way, we already have the latest version of TeXLive in the repositories.

Do you really need miktex in a rolling release? It might be useful in Debian/Ubuntu where the TeXLive in the official repositories becomes really old.


Thank you for the answer! Probably this didn’t work then because there seems to be a newer version on AUR which I wasn’t notified about. Is there a setting for this anywhere to include AUR packages in the auto-updates which I missed?

Thank you, this page is really helpful and I hadn’t found that yet before :slight_smile:

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