Need help with Perl syntax

Hi, why when i runing print "\a" script in perl v5 30 on the terminal don't works ? The return is a beep and i don't listen nothing

Make sure the Kernel module pcspkr is loaded and not blacklisted. Also make sure your system has a PC speaker, many modern systems don't have one.

Hi, thanks for the answer, i belive that my laptop speakers works because i listen music on it. And i tested whith the comands. I don't know about the kernel black list.

I only wont to learn pearl, if you can show me how make a beeb on my system i will be very happy, thanks a lot

is it essential that it must be perl ?

I doubt you use that "PC speaker" to listen to music.

Just to make it clear, this kind of beep will not go thru your SoundCard with PulseAudio/ALSA. The Bell character is very old and a little bit more low level. It requires a extra speaker. This speaker is often called "PC speaker" or Motherboard speaker. If you use a desktop, look for a speaker or nowadays you will just find 2 or 4 pins. Check your Motherboard manual.

Some links to read.

Your Perl code might be correct, but you just don't have the proper hardware to hear something.

Maybe try the beep command. It is part of the beep package. If you hear something, your code is wrong. If you don't, you have a hardware problem.

Thanks a lot, i proved on other old pc and work it, thanks again and regards.

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