Need help with manjaro-tools

I need help in manjaro-tools
manjaro tools (the manjaro-tools package, the buildiso thingy) seems to be the simplest way of creating a manjaro spin of, but i have a quite few doubts in it ,
(i am unable to upload an image or a link to it)
this is the look i am trying to achieve in my spin of, but the doubts are:-

how can i configure an auto start script in the spin off
how can i select the default theme icon color scheme kvantum, lightly and latte dock themes for the spin off
How can i set the default wallpaper for the spin off?

please let me know, i am a newbie, please reply with patience, thanks
Manjaro stable with kde plasma, i need to have conky on startup and a lattedock with custom layout and custom themes, icons ,wallpapers and application style,gnome gtk app style, color scheme for the os

also i need to rebrand manjaro completely and i surfed the entire internet to find nothing

please help me

Thank you so much

How can i make a complete rebrand to manjaro, the steps i need to follow for that?
And how can i convert the rebrand with my own configurations to an iso image file
By rebranding i mean , changing the logo, the name, the default theme, the default apps, the default desktop layouts and all that


Have you tried on the archived forum? There are a couple of posts about with other linked topics, have a look:

oh sure i will check it once, but still how can i change the default theme in the reskin?
i have tried installing custom themes but none of them change the branding, for getting the iso, i used manjaro-tools but it didn;t make an iso from my live installed system and it failed too

also just now i recognized that i have already seen both of them in youtube, the first one dosen’t explain that good in changing themes and configs for kde plasma and the second one is 5 years old and everything had changed

Did you also change the icon theme?

yes i did

There is no guide for that and quite frankly - this is not a task for a newbie.

Search the wiki at for manjaro-tools, buildiso, buildpkg.

Also search the archive at

am quite not a newbie, i have been using arch for quite some years but a newbie to manjaro , but thanks for the suggestion, i will check archived forum and the wiki

thanks for the interesting suggestion, i saw some one mentioning about garuda linux in some article, so i checked garuda’s source because it is one of the heavily customized distros based on arch and i found that setting defaults is possible thru the plasmarc file . i will try using it and update the results here, if it works out, i will try writing a guide my self, thank you so much for making me check thru the forum

I see - why don’t you create a customized Arch instead?

It took me 18 months of trial and error to learn how to build a Manjaro ISO

You can also read the wiki articles

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interesting but the fact is that building a customized arch linux is even tougher than manjaro as the archiso wiki is not much documented and there is no nice guides, everyone who tried making an arch distro using archiso on youtube failed several times, so it is not an easy thing and manjaro is better to be frank than archiso, i am checking this another interesting thing called linux-live-usb and it dosen’t work quite well with arch linux so am trying to tweak that to implement it as a feature in my distro

yes i will check it out, the buildiso article is not that great in explaining when i read it some weeks ago

I have created a customized Arch ISO - it is fairly simple compared to Manjaro.

which did you use tho? the archiso tool? if so can u guide me with chrooting, it fails for me a hell lotta times

archiso and default arch package set

also if anyone need a proper tutorial on building an arch based distro this one is helpful

But manjaro based ones, i don’t know if there is proper guides for that

archiso i see, i have tried tho but it didn’t work well for me, i will try today,

There is - just read what @bogdancovaciu linked you to

There is a video by @philm

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