Need help with installing rtl88x2bu -dkms git and rtl88x2bu -cilynx-dkms-git into live KDE usb

I want to install KDE Plasma minimal into my desktop which now has KDE plasma installed. I don’t need a whole bunch of programs and applications that I don’t use so I thought I would try " minimal" this time.
At this time both of these “rtl’s” are installed in my system . they are for my wifi dongle. I only have access to the internet with wifi. no ethernet is available .
so, I wrote the KDE minimal image to a usb and try to install it. but the wifi signal is too weak to provide internet , so the installer is unable to install.
then I tried to install the package that I also have of RTL88x2BU by installing through the package mgr. -via " install local packages" ; but it demands only Alpm packages and won’t show this file when I place it into a directory .
so, I need help please to somehow install these 2 RTL’s from the AUR INTO the live usb I have of minimal KDE . so I can use the wifi to install KDE minimal to my desktop. thank you.

You also can try to uninstall the not needed programs of your existing installation.
I assume this installation is working.

yes. I thought of that . but that’s probably way beyond me . the whole reason I want to reinstall is because I feel I’ve kind of borked my system with my inept use of the AUR . all I really do with programs / apps with my PC is download music from you tube. I don’t use it for any kind of work scenario or development or anything else. however , I’ve used all 4 or maybe 5 of the download programs offered in the AUR , most of which rely on you tube dl or a current variety of that. anyway , and when I have a problem with one of them I try another. eventually I end up trying different ones and ennabling/installing from the AUR until they don’t work at all. so I need to regroup and reinstalling seems the easiest way to deal with everything . maybe I’m wrong about that tho . thanks for your reply.

I am not really a good linux user. I don’t really know about which apps go with the different desktops etc . .

You can open the software center and list the installed programs.
Then you can remove the programs, you don´t need.