Need help with installing my Brother DCP-T500W printer

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling with installing my Brother DCP-T500W printer. I’m trying to do so for over a 2 hours now with the effect that I can add my printer in the system setting but I can’t find the driver and the generic one doesn’t work either.

I’ve gone through many tutorials installing majralo-printing, cups, aur and so far I think I only made mess on my newly installed Manjaro.

My printer is connected via USB to my PC. Please help me, this is my first adventure with Linux and I don’t want to be discouraged because of the printer.

It is available from the AUR (Arch User Repositories)

In terminal or with pamac GUI:

pamac build brother-dcpt500w

see also:

Wow that was easy! Thank You very much. I was on that aur site with that driver but I haven’t idea how to tackle it.

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