Need help with grub on USB full encrypted(luks) install

I would like to have a USB drive with a full encrypted install I’ve been using Ubuntu this way for a little over a year.

I tried replacing Ubuntu with Manjaro, but I have had trouble with grub my entire life.

I’ve been using a guide for the Ubuntu build, and thought it would be a simple thing to swap it out with Manjaro. During install, I’m getting a failure at the grub install portion when I select to install the bootloader to /.

The guide is on the askubuntu website, written by C.S.Cameron, titled How to Make BIOS/UEFI Flash Drive with Full Disk Encryption. How can I modify the instructions a little bit to get this to work with Manjaro? I’d really like to switch from Ubuntu, but this grub nonsense is killing me. I’ve even tried mounting /dev/sdb3 (where my bootloader should be installed) to /boot and installing grub, but no joy.

What should I do?

You should read one of the guides on installing to USB as a matter of interest there is a guide on (almost) full encryption and USB.

The title of the guide says persistence, but by doing a basestrap that would be more like a full install, isn’t that right?

Also, I don’t need full encryption, just near full, so what you linked works great as long as it succeeds.

Curious, what’s the difference between doing this, and simply running the live installed on an already mounted luks partition?

I ask because I’d like to keep my positioning if possible. (The partitioning is explained in the guide I referred to)