Need help to remake the file mimeapps.list


I mess up with the file below, can someone share the full standard file content so I can fix mine?

I broke this file after installing kTorrent to replace qBitorrent it was needed to manual change the default program to open magnet links and was able to do it from command line but i realized that Ktorrent is currently very slow to open magnet link with a lot of complains and maybe the reason for Manjaro to replace with. The bad side is that I wasn’t able to revert the change from command line, so i decided to change the file manually reading some documentation but i think i made the issue worst.

Thank you


[Added Associations]

[Default Applications]

I wonder if the info you need could be in /etc/xdg/kde-mimeapps.list.

TIP: Always make a backup of the file(s) that are going to get manually updated. Always backup $HOME/.config on a regular basis. Any file related to the system or desktop, before I modify it, I copy it to the same location and add the suffix YMD (i.e.,: mimeapps.list.20210312).

The file you suggests also has very similar information but didn’t fix the issue. So I tried to install Manjaro in a VM and remade all steps that I remembered, the files were created and o used to fix my real machine, but looks it wasn’t enough. Maybe I forget to to fix other file that I changed.

When using Firefox clicking in magnet link can directly open torrent client and do the download.
When using Vivaldi, the magnet link first call the function “xdg-open” and now this function leads to the error below:

Error - KIOExec
Unable to create io-slave. klauncher said: Unkown protocol ‘magnet’.

While it was easy to change standard application to open *.torrent files it was a bit hard to change the standard application associated to MAGNET.

There is a default file in /etc/skel/.config/ that is used when a new account is made.

Which file should I look at?

Looks like it’s just find I way to make KDE forward the magnet to qBittorrent, something that I probably break and didn’t proper back-up.

I don’t have a mimeapps.list in /etc/skel for KDE, but I do for XFCE.

I don’t use Vivaldi, but in Firefox I would go to Preferences > General and scroll down to Applications. Does Vivaldi have something similar?

I’d also look in KDE System Settings > Applications.

Did you reinstall qBittorrent?

I just installed it and looked at the file /usr/share/applications/org.qbittorrent.qBittorrent.desktop and there’s a line


Hello stargazer,

I think we are close to fix it, I didn’t reinstall qBittorrent, looks like I corrupted the function x-scheme-handler/magnet once KDE return the error: Unkown protocol ‘magnet’.

Chromium based browser send bittorrent magnet links to a “remote Transmission” instance using its API on xdg so looks like everything until here is working, but when xdg-open try to open magnet then the KDE return error because didn’t found the function magnet, i might need to remake this function in some way.

Error - KIOExec
Unable to create io-slave. klauncher said: Unkown protocol ‘magnet’.

Do you mind to check if you have any file with the magnet name indicated on it? like:


Just copy back a clean version from your Timeshift backups…

If you don’t have one, there IS one on the system. If you’re not sure where, then just create a TEST user which will create a local version, then copy that one!

Here’s my .config/mimeapps.list

[Added Associations]

[Default Applications]

[Removed Associations]

Thank you stargazer and ben for all support, I started to fell uncomfortable to disturb you due to a mistake I made, so I decided to format the Hard Disk and perform a fresh install, witch with Linux is pretty fast, now i will investigate how to reuse game fiels because those are the ones that take a lot of time to download, and this time I will do proper back-up with timeshift.

The lean curve take some time, and figure out how to proper protect your system again issue is tricky regardless the OS you use.

have a good day.

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Don’t worry.
Set up Timeshift NOW!!!
I do a lot of troubleshooting by blindly bumbling around comparing things to a default install… comparing timeshift snapshots etc.

KDE settings are complicated - many files, many entries… resetting is good - reinstalling is also good. You should have a Timeshift backup, to make setting up quicker.

For example, your .bashrc and .zshrc files.

Also with PlasmaConfigSaver widget, make frequent backups of your desktop setup. I have mine set to NORD theme now, and a Latte dock at the top (3 bars).

I can change quickly to a completely different theme and layout (I have 3 favourite themes and 2 favourite setups) which matches terminal, fonts, all kinds of things.

Right now I’m experimenting with konsave and konfsave too, but right now PlasmaConfigSaver widget works best.

Ty for the tips, timeshift will be my close friend from now. I hope BTRFS can be improved to became a standard, looks like with it the back-up are faster an easier. For a while I’m following all standard rules.