Need help switching main gpu & mouse issue

so i recently made a install of manjaro KDE on a usb drive to test it out, but im having some issues with the gpu’s. the laptop has a dedicated 1660TI (mobile) gpu, but even with the right drivers installed, everything i start seems to be running off of the IGPU instead. i did run some games on the IGPU, but when i did, the mouse became really sturrery, and the dpi was all over the place. it moved around sort of normal at low mouse movement speed, but when i moved it fast, it started to stutter, making it basically impossible to move the mouse at all. the same happens when i disable the internal screen of the laptop and have the external display we use set as primary. this has been tested with 2 games so far: ARK survival and Rise Of Industry running multiple versions of the proton thingy.

im very new to all of this, so a very simple step by step thingy whould be appriciated.

Please post the output of inxi -Fazy.