Need help setting up kvm on manjaro. Currently running amd main error says kvm may not be installed or the kvm modules aren't installed

I am a new user to both manjaro and linux I wished to install a vm of windows 10 to play games so I downloaded kvm but when I went to create my new vm it said warning kvm is not available this means the kvm package is not installed or the kvm kernel modules are not loaded. Your vm may run poorly.
I’m stuck here as I haven’t been able to find any good guides supporting this issue and have tried everything to get it sorted and I really need help here.

Try the Arch wiki re KVM, QEMU and libvirt.
Not sure whether Manjaro has it’s own wiki regarding this - but Arch is comprehensive information and in this case applies fully to Manjaro, which is an Arch derivative.
I don’t think you’ll be able to play games - the graphics performance in a VM is probably too poor - unless you manage to configure what is often referred to as “passthrough”.

Yeah I intended to perform a pass through.

People have successfully done it.
Quite some knowledge is needed.
And the hardware has to be able to do it.
How to check whether your hardware even can be made to do it
is also in the linked wikis.

I would like to do it - but can’t.
My notebook hardware is lacking the necessary features to do a GPU pass through.

Even though I have two GPU’s - and only ever use the builtin Intel one and not the more capable AMD Radeon.
On my system (the check says) it can’t be done - no point in trying anyway :wink:

Are there alternatives for gaming on manjaro?

That is an ambiguous question.
Alternatives to booting Windows to play?
Yes, definitely.
But I’m not a gamer.
There is steam, wine - and then some things that I think are built upon wine - like proton and playonlinux and probably several more.

I’m not a gamer.
A gamer would know much better.

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When using Steam or Lutris gaming it is a breeze and for some titles works even better on Linux, especially the older games that need some form of emulation.

Check for a indication how well the game you want to run is supported.
See the arch wiki on gaming Gaming - ArchWiki

I would first try to go the emulation route, it takes a lot less time and effort, works just as well depending on what you play.

Check here for GPU pass through: GPU virtualization - Wikipedia (since I think that is what you mean with pass through)

We can probably help you with this, some questions
How did you install kvm?
Did you also install something like QEMU with it?
Have you read some guide somewhere and maybe missed a step?

I don’t know (off the top of my head) where the check for the basic requirements
(to be done before even attempt to implement it)
it was almost certainly in one of the Arch wikis on qemu, kvm, libvirt - don’t know where, now
My hardware wasn’t capable - I tried to go one step further anyways - no worky, of course not …

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