Need help Please burning Windows iso to USB


Need help Please burning Windows iso to USB

Ok I have searched and found many different ways to do this

But for my Luck Every thing runs good BUT I cant boot

so i need help please
Found a few here on the forum and i fallowed there steps
I can format burn it but cant boot

thank you


This is more suited to a Windows forum....


No I am stuck i need to boot into windows from usb
windows forum has nothing to do with this

so you are saying u will send me to windows forum and not help me?



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This is a Linux forum.
To get Windows USB to boot is an issue for a Windows forum.
Why do you think that a Linux forum can help you boot a Windows USB?

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If you have a running Windows installation, use the official MS tool to copy the Windows ISO to the drive.

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U need to check this out


Those are all in the context of getting Linux to boot. Not Windows.


Thank you so much for ur help but i did that
the problem is i cant boot into the new windows usb


No they are exactly what i am searching for
becaus ei read them


Do you have a running Windows installation?
If yes, again, use the MS media creation tool.


will it run on manjaro ?


No (might run in a virtual machine though), that's why I asked two times whether you have a running windows installation...


Your taking away support time from actual Linux support cases on the forum. Nobody who is a hardcore Linux user gives a rats ass about Windows. Your barking up the wrong tree.


no i have a cd and an iso
i burned the cd and mad an iso burned it to usb did not boot

then i have a different copy of windows on an iso
also burned it and cant boot

so i have
1 iso
2 usb
3 cd with wondows on it


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Guys. Please keep the conversation civilized. Else I will have to close the thread.


I personally think you should close this thread. It is inappropriate for a Linux forum.


If applications fail then you can use the manual approach.

Remove your USB stick from your system.

Open a terminal and list available devices

lsblk -la

Insert your usb stick and list devices again. Locate the new device by comparing the outputs and make a note of it - /dev/sdx

Then use fdisk to create a new partition and set the file system type, boot flag, save the change and format the new partition. Replace sdx with the device you made a note of.

sudo fdisk /dev/sdx

While in the fdisk application

  1. press o to create a new DOS partition table
  2. press n to create a new partition
  3. press Enter four (4) times to accept the defaults.
  4. press t to change the partition type
  5. press 7 to select NTFS
  6. press a to toogle the boot flag
  7. press w to write changes to disk and exit

Format the new partition to NTFS

sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/sdxY

Next step is to mount your USB stick and your Windows ISO file. Then use a file manager or the terminal to copy all files and folders from your mounted ISO to your mounted USB.

This is going to take a while - depending on your system - it can take hours to complete.

When the copy is complete - do not remove your USB stick. Execute the sync command to ensure all memory data is flushed to disk.

When the sync command returns to the prompt you can safely remove the stick - or use the eject function of your filemanager.

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