Need help playing Zork w/ Frotz

Team Manjaro,

I really wanted to play Zork. I downloaded Frotz from the repository and Zork1 from the AUR. I cannot seem to find any instruction as to what to do next. Can you either a) please tell me what needs to be done or b) point me to a link that explains the process.

I’m assuming everything needs to run from the terminal. I tried pacman -S to install Zork but target is not found. I search folders but cannot seem to find where Zork is hiding out - the cave?

Please help.

Thank you,

Pacman can’t download AUR packages, but Pamac (Add / Remove Software) can.

Before using the AUR, please read the Manjaro Wiki entry.

You can find the files installed by a package like this:

pamac list --files zork1


pacman -Ql zork1
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Thanks Yochanan! Appreciate the assist and pointing me to the wiki. Now I know…will put the knowledge to work when I get back home.

Thanks again,

Thank you! Playing Zork and nerding out. Talk about old times. Much appreciated.