Need help in locking the screen immediately, cannot find mtp devices

OS: Manjaro 5.22.4
DE: i3wm
Kernel Version: 5.13.12 (64 bit)
CPU: i3 7100U (2.4 GHz quad core)
GPU: Mesa Intel HD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2)
Device: Dell 5378
RAM: 4GB DDR4 (Expandable up to 16 GB)

  1. I am currently using i3wm window manager for some time. I used KDE before. In KDE, the screen can be instantly locked by mod+L .
    But, in i3wm I can’t do it. I went to the i3 config file but didn’t understand how to add this. How can I enable this keyboard shortcut or any other shortcut I like in i3.

  2. When I connect my mtp devices to my computer, I occasionally can’t access them with ranger file manager. It sometimes shows in: run/user/1000/gvfs but not always. I have gvfs-mtp installed and android-udev installed. How can I fix this issue ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


For the lockscreen, you should find a line in you ~/.config/i3/config file with something like this :
bindsym $mod+0 exec --no-startup-id blurlock

You just have to replace the 0 by l :
bindsym $mod+l exec --no-startup-id blurlock

For the second point, we will need more information.

Thanks for help @aimixess

Like what kind of information ? Please specify. My mtp devices are visible in pcmanfm but not in ranger. It is sometimes visible in terminal.

I am not sure what RandomGuy has in mind but as I use pcmanfm let me remind you of one tip

On most androids, they default to usb charging when cable connected. So if you are as old me :grin:
don’t forget to pull down phone notifications and change from charge to file transfer.

What does the end of dmesg show?
I would expect the min to show your usb detection of internal storage and if you have sdcard, the sdcard storage.

slightly biased…if you are using ranger as a terminal filemanager have you dismissed mc?

Just to be sure, are you able to see your mtp device in ranger after you already access it once on pcmanfm ?

Haven’t tried mc yet. Ranger came pre installed.I didn’t know about that.

Thanks greg!