Need help getting a Ryzen 7 system with a Geforce 1650 to run with the proprietary drivers

Hello, another update: I installed a new PSU , a Seasonic Focus Gold GX 850W Full Modular .
and… the problem continues with the proprietary nvidia drivers. Still can´t run any graphic intensive application without the system crashing with the same screen pattern as shown in my previous screen capture pic.

Can someone provide any clues on what to look for?

I finnaly found a way to use the proprietary nividia driver in Manjaro without crashing. After checking nvidia forum, it seems that using nvidia-smi to lock the max gpu clock speed solves the issue.

Following the instructions given in nvidia forum what I did was this:

// enable persistent mode
nvidia-smi -pm 1
// lock clock speed range <Min,Max>
nvidia-smi -lgc 300,1245

So far so good, all my games seem to run without crashing by locking the max gpu clock.
I will do some more testing using more demanding games/3d rendering to be sure, but that seems to solve it.

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This suggest that it might b e hanging because of too high a temperature.

So, double-check your cooling and ventilation.

Yes, I have thought about that. Anyway the card was crashing after just a few seconds under load with its own 2 fans at max speed. Shouldn’t it throttle back automatically instead of crashing? The drivers or the card itself should throttle back the clock automatically and throw an error to warn about the overheating.

The graphics cards can build a lot of heat very fast. My case has only one auxiliary 120mm fan because this system was build initially with a small budget just to hold a Graphics integrated-CPU ( initially a Ryzen 3200g , later upgraded to 5700g). I guess adding a graphics card made the ventilation limitations show up.

About that, all I can say is: :man_shrugging: because, I don’t really run graphics-intensice applications, so my GPU temperature hovers around 40℃ IIRC.

Looks that way…

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