Need help create Online-Repo with GitHub



I’m going to try GitHub for my Online-Repo. If this works out for me. I’ll release a new version with small changes.

I need help to create a Online-Repo. If anyone know how to make it the right way. Please, reply with instructions.

Here’s a link to my GitHub Repo.

Building custom iso with AUR

Which step are you having trouble with? Creating a repo, uploading it to github or getting the repo link for it?

To create a repo, build your packages and put them in a directory that is a clone of your desired git repo. Then use repo-add to create a database file for the packages:

Then just git add ., git commit -m "initial commit" and git push. There you have your repo. Then you just need the right download link for it. Find someone else who uses github for this and adapt their example.


I already created a custom repo. I already uploaded it to GitHub. Is just I’m having trouble using GitHub link as Custom Online Repo.

Here’s an example I’m having trouble with.

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/$arch

Pacman is not picking up my repo and I don’t know what I did wrong. Any ideas?



Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how to do this. I would imagine that you have to use the same link format that is used when downloading stuff github with curl. The one example I found that used github was

Server =

That is using the github hosted website instead of a normal git repo. :man_shrugging: This might be helpful:

For using s3 instead of github, I found this neat guide:

I hope you have luck with hosting your repo!


There are several things to adjust

  • On Github you are missing the $arch folder (x86_64)

The Server = line have faults, $repo must match the name in the square brackets [], $arch don’t exist yet and you need to use in the url [List] User Created Repositories

Final result should be
Server =$repo/master/Repo/$arch

For example


SigLevel = Never
Server =

for a repo


I got it to work! Thank you for your help.

Anyway, scene one of AUR Package are too big to upload directly to GitHub Website and GitHub only allows limit upload size of each file. What command should I enter on Terminal to upload a new files to GitHub repo that has files listed without delete a GitHub repo and create a new GitHub repo?

If anyone have a list of Free Open Source Games they want to see in mGAMe like SuperTuxKart as example. Just reply with a list of packages and I’ll take a look at it.


I tried your method and it works for me. Thank you for your help too!


Limit is 200MB, endless sky and electron based programs not compressed are above that

git push

the meaning of that in unclear to me sorry

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